A Diary of a Young Girl

December 16, 2008
The diary about Anne frank was written from the dates June 12th 1942-August 1st 1944. The diary of a young girl is an autobiography, as a diary. I rate this book 4 star's. It has a lot of content about Anne and about what was happening outside the warehouse. Over her years she has gone back made more, edited versions of her diary, because when she got out of this situation of the holocaust and hiding in a secret Annex in a warehouse, she dreamt of publishing it. So the book, “The diary of a young girl” that was edited and published by Otto Frank and his friend Mirjam Pressler after the war. Otto Frank had wanted to continue his daughter' dreams of publishing her diary.
Anne's diary explains her dislike and likes and her time in the Annex. Her relationships with everyone else, in the Annex. Anne isn't much different than any other teenager except that she's in a bad situation and she's in hiding, with her mother, father, and sister. She misses her home, she doesn't like being in hiding, though it does give her time to read.
Anne addresses all of her journal entries to kitty, and signs them as yours Anne or her full names. As she speaks of her relationships she tells the reader that she prefers her father over her mother. My dad also say's “You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose but you cant pick your family.”
The plot in this book is that Anne and her family, including mother, father, sister are hiding in a secret annex to hid for the Nazi' because they are Jewish. They war also with another family and another man. As Anne writes in her diary its not the format as other biography, its very interesting they way she wrote her diary.
I didn't love reading book but I can't say that it was amazing. But it did blow me away with the ways she explained problems or her day. He she talked about normal things in a life. Being in the past they weren't as different as people/ teens now days. The anything that has really changed is the setting. Anne Frank is an really interesting girl, the way she is still known. I think it's really cool. She was interested into books like me. I love reading on my free time. She was interested into what was happening by listening to the radio and by hearing from the people who own the warehouse. They way Anne wrote is so funny. She explained their bath situation, what she bought. What she did for entertainment besides reading.
She tells us about her life before the Annex a little bit. It has pictures of Anne, family and friends. I thought this book was good. But to another person it would be amazing beside history, biographies are what they enjoy reading. I would recommend this to many people. Maybe at the age of 14 unless you are into history.

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