Titan's Curse

December 16, 2008
By Anonymous

The Titan's Curse was a very good addition to the series, it was just like all the others, and it captured your thoughts and kept you interested. I think that it was really good and you should drag this series on for as long as possible, and thus making the series more and more interesting.

I think that this book was one of those you-can't-put-it-down kinds of books because it always made you keep thinking, “what's going to happen next?” From the very beginning when Annebeth fell off of that cliff it kept me thinking. But I didn't like the hunters, they were all stuck up, from the very first they met Percy.

Anyway, the book starts with Grover calling for help, but really gets kicked off when Annebeth falls off of the cliff and the hunters show up. Then they go back to camp and learn about their quest. Percy follows them and it turns out that he's the fifth member of the quest. So with him they venture out of D.C. undetected thanks to Bianca and keep going west and eventually find out that they were trapped in the lotus casino for nearly 70 years. Then Bianca dies and they make it to San Diego where they meet up with Annebeth's dad and get a ride to the mountain. Then they fight the general, but I can't say anymore because then I'd be ruining the book for everyone

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