The Lost City of Faar

December 16, 2008
By Audrey Sleder, Dexter, MI

“Remember the cannonball,” said Uncle press. The Book that I read was The Lost City of Faar, by D.J. MacHale.

The main point of the story is for bobby and uncle Press to save coral. At the beginning of the story Bobby gets to Coral and he is just getting to know the people there. In the middle he is trying to save the city from the evil Saint Dane. He wants to destroy the city of coral. That is his plan.
What I liked about the book is the way that you pull me into the book. Also that when I read it I can't put it down. I liked the suspense because it keeps me on the edge of my seat and want to keep reading on to find out what will happen next. The voice of the narrator is the best part of the book.
So good that it feels like that I am actually in the plot line. You do a really good job of keeping the reader interested in the story. I also like the way that you make the Saint Dane seem like a good character. Then you make him change into the bad character right in front of Bobby. That is really cool. I really like the book. It is really good and I can't put it down.

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