The Clique series by Lisi Harrison

December 16, 2008
By Jessica Cox PLATINUM, Dexter, Michigan
Jessica Cox PLATINUM, Dexter, Michigan
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The Clique Series by Lisi Harrison, is a very good Series. I am only on the sixth book so far, but it is really good. Find out about Massie Block, Cliare Lyons, Alicia Rivera, Dylyn Marvil, and Kristen Gregory, and their crazy adventures. read about all the trouble and gossip the Pretty Committee gets into.

The Clique Series is about Five grils who call themselves the Pretty Committee. Claire Lyons is the newest addition to the Pretty Committee. They all have their own crushes and are getting at all the girls that even speak to their crushes. Their is so much gossip that goes around at OCD (their school), but what kind of gossip is going around now that the Pretty Committee Got expelled from OCD? I will let you read to figure out what happens next.

The Clique Series is very good, although i am only on the sixth book. Lisi Harrison is a very good author, i like her style. i like how it's just about these five girls a year younger than i am, and all the gossip and truoble that goes on. The Series is realistic fiction, and is just about all this gossip that girls get into. I think that is could be something that actually goes on at a school, but it's not that extreme here at my school. It's also not a true story , but it could be very similar to a different school somewhere. That is what i think of the author's style.

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