Greek Myths Ulysses and the Trojan War By Supriya Kapur

December 14, 2008
By Supriya Kapur, Portland, OR

The Book Greek Myths Ulysses and the Trojan War by Jeff Anderson is an okay book. It is in the genre myths and legends. I would give this book three stars because it is interesting and keeps you hooked but sometimes it can get confusing with all the characters in this book. Even though it is a short book, it takes a while to read because it's slow.

This book has many characters that are all from Greek mythology. Paris, one of the main characters is a farm boy who is asked to judge a contest between three gods. Later Paris is the cause of the Trojan war. The character Helen is thought b the gods as the most beautiful human. Her husband Menelaus is the leader of one of the army's in the Trojan War. All of the characters in this book have to fight for there life in the war Those are just some of the important characters in the book.

The Trojan War starts when Paris takes Helen back with him to the city of Troy. They secretly board the Trojan ships, which are the ships that will take them back to Troy. Meanwhile Menelaus is away and doesn't realize that she is gone. When Menelaus gets back, he is very angry and wants Helen back. He gets an army and sends them to Troy to fight the city and bring Helen back. This starts the war that last for a long time. That is the main plot of the book.

The setting in the book jumps around a lot. In the beginning it is the city of Troy which a Rich city near the sea. They also go on the Trojan ship which take's Paris and Helen back to Troy. All of the cities are the city of ancient Greece.

Overall, this is a good, but slow book that teaches you about Greek myths and ancient Greece. It has action adventure and myths all in one book. It's great read but it is challenging and confusing at times. I recommend reading this book if you like a deep slow paced story.

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