December 13, 2008
By Libby Grant, Portland, OR

Scott Westerfeld is writing a story about how you can be pretty inside and that outside does not really matter. Also, Scott Westerfeld wrote about believing in your self. I thought that Scott Westerfeld made a very detailed story and really got the message out that he wanted to make. Scott Westerfeld really showed great emotion and I really could not set the book down. The story relates to me because I want to feel and be pretty. The clothes you wear does not effect who you are inside. This book is for young adults who like action, suspense, love stories and scientific fiction. I would give Uglies five stars for its great details, how it draws the reader in with real life situations and makes you think about how you would act in those situations.
Uglies is about a fifteen year old girl, named Tally, who lives in a dorm with two other girls and she attends Uglyville high school. She is an ugly. She can't wait to turn pretty, so she can be with Peris, her best friend. In Uglyville you turn pretty when you are sixteen. When you turn pretty you have an operation and you get new skin, a new face, and new hair. Pretty people can do anything they want to, they get new clothes and go to parties. While, Tally is waiting to turn pretty she meets Shay, a girl about her age and they become good friends. Shay is not sure she wants to be pretty and when she runs away Tally finds out about a whole new place that is not so pretty. Tally has to make a choice that will change her life.
The characters are Tally, an ugly, who wants to be free of being an ugly and turn pretty. Shay, another ugly, who does not want to turn pretty and wants to run away. Peris, a new pretty, who is Tally's best friend and he wants Tally to come and turn pretty. Tally's parents Ellie and Sol want Tally to turn pretty. Tally's parents live in Crumblyville, where adults live. Tally does not see her parents very much.
The setting is Uglyville where Tally lives in a dorm. Across the river is New Pretty Town. The border between those two towns is the river. New Pretty Town has mansions, malls, and movie theaters. There is Crumblyville where adults live. These towns are all in one spot and are far away from the wilderness. The trees in the town are not wild. Far from the towns are The Rusty Ruins where the Rusties lived and the government preserves the ruins for class field trips.
Overall, this book is a great read. It helps you learn about being selfish and how everyone makes mistakes. No matter how many clothes you have what is inside that counts. Believe in yourself, trust your instincts, and be honest. This book deals with things that can happen in our own lives and helps us realize what we can do better in situations. Although you may not think your pretty, smart or cool you are pretty inside. Tally trusted herself and did the right thing to do in a hard situation

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