The Illustrated Book of Myths, Tales and Legends of the World

December 12, 2008
By Thomas Newlands, Portland, OR

“The illustrated book of Myths Tales and Legends of the World” is a book that is good as a resource and as entertainment but some of the stories don't suck you in as much. A good book to read in bits, uses many cultures, and has inaccurate drawings that occasionally get their point across.

The stories are more fun to read one at time than all at once. Even if the book is kind of mediocre but it still has myths that are fairly accurate, also the side notes help a lot. This appears to be aimed at 8-14 year olds in vocabulary.
The pictures are fairly nice but could have been more accurate to what happens in the book occasionally, the book will say things like: “Odin had an eight legged horse that ran fast” then the drawing will show a normal horse, so if you scan through trying to figure out the myths by looking at pictures you will be mislead. The pictures are also all drawn in the same way, which gets boring after a while.
These legends are from the Norse, Greek, Egyptians and many, many other cultures. This book will take about a day of solid reading to finish, the variety is pretty cool because you get to learn about the main sources of myths and some that I had never heard of before like the Dreamtime (Australian).
This book wasn't as good as expected, but still had most of what most books about myths normally have. This book wasn't amazing but it still gets a rating of C or 7.75 out of ten or ☺☺☺ and ¾ or readable but not amazing.

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