Dear Dr. Bell, Your Friend Helen Keller by Judith St. George

December 12, 2008
By Hannah Skutt, Portland, OR

This book is called Dear Dr. Bell, Your friend Helen Keller. It is by Judith St. George. It is a biography on Helen Keller as well as Alexander Graham Bell. This story has interesting pictures though the author lacks great description. This story is about Helen Keller's life and how it was changed by Alexander Graham Bell as was his life because of her. Though Helen was born fine she became ill from a disease that took away her sight and hearing at merely the age of 19 months. Her life would have been hopeless if she hadn't met Dr. Bell.

Helen Keller was the daughter of Captain Keller and Mrs. Keller who was also partly deaf. At an early age she was deaf and blind. She met with Dr. Bell at age five and they were friends since. Dr. Bell brought Annie Sullivan to work as Helen's teacher. The two were inseparable from the day they met. Dr. Bell was an inventor. He invented the telephone and many other things. But he also was very involved with helping the deaf for his mother was deaf. With the help of Annie Sullivan Helen Keller became a writer, a public speaker and was the first deaf blind person to complete college at a regular college.

This book is all about the relationship between Dr. Bell and Helen Keller. The struggles that both encountered are discussed as well as the resolutions. This book inspires those who are challenged in any way that they can overcome and can help to improve the lives of others. As a child Helen's only way to express frustrated was temper tantrums and she was easily frustrated when she couldn't see something of hear something or communicate with her family. Then Annie Sullivan came to her rescue. (Annie Sullivan was called Teacher by Helen so that will be her reference from now on.) Teacher taught Helen everything from water to the manual alphabet and how to speak. Throughout her life Helen Keller had many set backs that were heart braking for her, including being accused of plagiarism and the death of her father.

Helen was born in 19th century and lived until the 20th century. She grew up in Alabama and traveled to Washington D.C. to visit Dr. Bell at age six. When she grew up women were fighting for the right to vote. They called themselves the suffragettes. Helen Keller joined the suffragettes with her teacher Annie Sullivan.

I thought that the author needed more description and overall I wasn't very impressed. However this would be a great resource book if anyone ever does a project on Helen Keller or Alexander Graham Bell.

I would give this book as a free read two stars but as a research book four stars.

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