Sometimes God Has a Kid's Face

December 12, 2008
By Alexis VanSplunter, Rockford, MI

Do you believe the idea of God walking on earth in human form? That is a rhetorical question. This book does speak of religion, but not how you think it would.
It talks about a preacher. His name is Father Bruce Ritter, an ordained priest in the Roman Catholic as a member of the Franciscan Order in Rome of 1965.

Father Bruce Ritter has never wanted to be anything else, yet little did he know that he would end up in Times Square in a ripped apartment while caring for thousands of children lost in the wind blowing towards the street life.

For years, runaway children have been forced into abuse, slavery, and homelessness as a consequence to their decision. They either end up in a life of drugs or they end up dying, if they do not return home, and Bruce did not want them do die on him. The book tells of how Bruce Ritter took action because he saw more than that, he saw lost, delicate souls that needed mending. He saw children instead of strangers, in the end, he saved many lives.

He fed them, gave them sleep, talked to them and understood the children like his own. He tells their stories with great detail, and realism to the topic.

He also expresses his anger towards the public and the higher political powers for ignoring the children and how we have done so little to prevent this occurrence from happening.

By telling the tale of America's Exploited Street children, Bruce Ritter has opened my eyes to how I can help someone and how it is important that we all take action before it is too late.


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