The Lake House

December 10, 2008
The Lake House was the #1 bestseller written by author James Patterson. It is said to be the thriller of the summer, one that really soars. The Lake House is a novel that shows where your deepest fears are buried, where there is no stopping Patterson’s imagination.

The Lake House is about six extraordinary children that are trying to lead normal lives in the Rocky Mountain countryside. They all live in different homes with different families, but there is something powerful that connects them all: something that puts them in terrible danger. The only time that they feel safe is when they are all together in the waterfront cabin called the lake house. The only people in the world that they trust are a couple named Kit and Frannie, people that saved them from danger once before.

The central idea of The Lake House is when evil comes a knocking you need to reconnect with the ones that love you and care about you to come together to defeat the certain evil. You learn that even the places that once seemed so safe and secure may not be so safe anymore. A person also needs to know who to always trust and believe because when worst comes to worst you have to make a quick split decision and hope to make the right one.

The central idea of this book is presented to the best of its ability. The author lets you know what the central idea is from the inside cover of the book and all the way through until the end. James Patterson is said to be a great author, and he writes his novels with such suspense and twists the plot so you never see what is coming next. Since the central idea is coming together and defeating evil, a person has to expect suspense, action and lots of different emotions. In the Lake House you get all those different effects front the first page to the last. This book will keep you up at night, making you never want to put it down once you start reading it. The writing is extraordinary in The Lake House. All the words are very descriptive and just draw you into the story, like you are actually there.

The Lake House is a book that captures the attention of all people from teenagers to adults. The men will enjoy all the action and suspense while the ladies will love the romance and emotional parts. The Lake House is full of never saw it coming surprises and breathtaking pace that has made James Patterson the #1 bestseller of suspense novels in America today. Read it and see where it takes you.

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