Bronx Masquerade

December 7, 2008
By J. Carter, Chapel Hill, NC

When I first heard about Bronx Masquerade being written in poetry, I thought I wouldn't like it. I couldn't have been more wrong. None of the poetry was boring, lame or too long.
In this book the kids go to a school in the Bronx and have problems at school and at home. Tyrone Bittings is the main character and he has input after every poem. He also started “Open Mike Fridays” in his class. Another character that I like was Devon Hope. His problem was that everyone expected something from him. His classmates thought he was only good at basketball, but he read in the library after school. Sheila Gamberoni was another character that I liked. She had a problem; she wanted to be like everyone else. One of her classmates told her that to be like everyone else, was not “cool,” and to just be herself.

I really enjoyed this book because the pace was good, and I could relate to some of the characters and poems got better at the end. I recommend this book to people who can keep up with a lot of names and people who like poetry.

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