Farenheit 451

December 6, 2008
"He wore his happiness like a mask
He slept but did not sleep,
He lived but did not live"
Sitting, watching a wall of pointless nothing
He walks, seeing the nothing of his town
His town, starting to make no sense, showing he needs something
Fidgeting, unsure
Something without a name
A feeling more powerful then anything he's ever known
The want of more, more than what he's told
Wanting to know the feeling of discovery
Meeting the young woman to let him in
Attracted to how she doesn't know, but knows more then him
He realizes that he is a clone
Always told to think in the lines
Now its time to scribble out
Filling in his blank pages with colored thoughts
Using colors only seen to destroy
A red like the burning fire
So bright you cannot see what's right in front of you
Black for clouding smoke
Impairing all else to seek knowledge outside their own
Blue, like the sky that goes on forever
Telling him there is nothing to lose, there is no limit
He follows Faber, a man scared to show himself
The real emotion of how he lives? Off of a page
Thriving on intellect from hard covers
His bible is not one, but many
Writing his way with already written words
Teaching importance through thought, your own thought
He moves on to running
After being caught for a crime
A crime that was well coming
He floats on by, missing from the hunt
Coming onto a group
Learning its not what's in his hands, but in his mind
Now with a story memorized, he saves himself
Watching himself belong
Belong to this endangered group
A group where he is free

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