The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

December 5, 2008
By E Burgard, Chapel Hill, AK

Ponyboy Curtis is just an ordinary, no good, west side hood. He despises the Socs, and the Socs despise him. That is the way it always was and that is the way that it always will be. The rich Socs and the poor Greasers always got into fights. Then, one day, someone crosses the line between rivals and enemies. Find out what happens next if you read this wonderful book! The action isn’t the only great thing in this book. You will learn the secrets of identity, friendship, and many more of life’s values. The descriptions are also really amazing. I could practically feel the emotions of every one and see all of the great action scenes.

Although there are so many awesome parts, there were some mediocre parts. The biggest problem in this book is that it can get really confusing. The most confusing part is when Ponyboy runs around and tries to find Dally. That is about the only problem I found in this book. If you like action packed novels, READ THIS BOOK!

The author's comments:
craziest book review eva made

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