Staying Fat For Sarah Byrnes

December 5, 2008
Have you ever been the odd one out? Well the main character from Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes, Eric Calhoune has, he started out as your average fatty. He didn’t have a lot of self esteem and he got frightened easily. Sarah Byrnes on the other hand was the opposite. She wanted everyone to know about her defects, and she wouldn’t take any crap about it. She was an outcast just like Eric. Not because of her size, but because of her looks. Her face was covered in hideous scares because her father was a crazy man. They’re traits is exactly what brought them to be best friends for about four years. Until Eric started to become a great swimmer. Immedietly leaving Sarah Byrnes behind in the dust. She suddenely became hospitilized and refused to speak. Now it’s up to Eric to find out about the terrible truths hidden behind her scars, and maybe a little truth about himself.

This book had some boring spots, but the author Chris Cutcher never seemed to slow down with the action. The pace was always blazing ahead, that and the action and the terrible terrible truths is what kept me reading. Without that, that book would be like any other book I’ve read. What I also enjoyed was that Sarah Byrnes wasn’t the only one with a secret. Read the book to find out what goes on behind all of those closed doors.

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