Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes

December 5, 2008
By D Leon, Chapel Hill, NC, NC

Eric Calhoune mostly known as Mode tells his story of his friendship with Sarah Byrnes. Sarah Byrnes and Eric had been friends for years. When Sarah Byrnes was three her face, and hands were burned in a mysterious accident. Yet her fathers refused to allow Sarah have surgery. With Sarah Byrnes scars and with Eric’s fat they are not exactly the most popular at junior high. Now they are seniors, and Eric has joined the swimming team, sure he is over weight but with all the hard practice we has lost weight. But all of a sudden Sarah has stop talking, and on ones knows why. But Eric thinks it has something to do with her scars on her face. Will Eric find out how Sarah really got her scars? You will have to read the book to find out. At the beginning of the book you might find it’s boring and confusing because there are some flashbacks. But once you kept reading you will won’t be able to stop.

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