Ender's game

December 5, 2008
Would you be thrilled with fake war in null-g? I would. Ender is a six year old boy shipped of to military school to be a new generation general. Right now I will apologies in advance because I will never be able to express the thrill and wonder I had after reading Enders Game. In the battle school the brightest children in the world clash on teams in the BATTLE ROOM. With commander’s toons and guns wars are staged and won. Overall the battle school was made to defeat the buggers. A revolting species that invaded the earth. Basically the world is tearing apart, six year olds are in the army, and the buggers are coming back.

The Charecters
Ender, Valentine, and Peter are possibly the smartest family on earth. Peter is too aggressive Valintine is too loving and ender is in between. In this wonderful novel you can watch the charecters develop. These charecters are special they are very intelegent and want to have a say in the world.
If you enjoy thrilling science fiction novels that you can’t put down Enders Game is the book for you.

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