December 5, 2008
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Bryce and Julianna were neighbors for years and had opposite opinions about each other, but in the 8th grade there opinions flipped. Wendelin Van Draanen does an excellent job in Flipped of cleverly showing both perspectives of the story with Julianna's side and Bryce's side by switching speakers in each chapter.
Bryce and his family moved to Julianna's neighborhood when they were in the 2nd grade, and Bryce immediately didn't like Julianna, but she fell in love with him at first sight. After a series of good and bad events in the 8th grade, they start to view each other for who they truly are, which is very different from there original opinions. A lot of these events have to do with their families. Julianna's family is laid-back and free-spirited, while Bryce's family is orderly and proper. One main character that influences both Julianna and Bryce during the flip is Bryce's Grandfather. He is a very important and influential character in the story.
This was a very enjoyable book to read. This is a realistic fiction book, so if you enjoy reading that genre this would be a good choice. I would recommend this book to all ages, but it is an especially good choice for the middle school age group. It is also a good length and very well written. I am very glad I choose this book because I enjoyed every minute of it.

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