The Chocolate War

December 5, 2008
By C. Shoup, Chapel Hill, NC

Do I dare to disturb the universe? This is probably the most asked question after reading The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier. This book not only addresses this theme question, but it also shows the repercussions of it as well. If I, of all people, can learn more about myself by asking this question while reading this book, I am sure you can too. Even though that may be true, this book might not be suitable for all people. It contained a lot of rude humor that I thought added to the effect, but some people may not.

The main character in this book is Jerry. Jerry is a very brave and bold individual who likes to be different. His best friend is Goober, a timid fellow. These two football- playing students try to fight against the evil powers at their school. The biggest of these challenges are the Vigils. They are a group of young men that pretty much run the school and the students in it. The Vigils say they won’t resort to violence, but are they lying? This is just one of the problems that Jerry faces, along with many others!

All of the suspense swirling around with the conflict in this story really kept me interested. I am very glad I read this book! It was hard for me to go to sleep at night with all this on my mind. If you read The Chocolate War, I am sure the same effect will come over you!

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