December 5, 2008
The trouble all began when Bryce Loski moved in across the street from Juliana Baker seven years ago. The moment Juli set eyes on Bryce she became a lunatic for him. However, the moment Bryce saw Juli tracking mud all over the moving van, he knew she was dangerous. Bryce began to ignore Juli right away, and Juli just chased right on after him. It continued that way for seven years until things began to change in eighth grade. After many dramatic situations, Juli began to see Bryce for what he really was, and Bryce began to see the real Juli. This realization brought about a huge flip that tossed Bryce head over heels for Juli, but then Juli began avoiding Bryce every chance she got. Will they ever stop turning the tables and give each other a chance!?

This realistic fiction is written in a unique form where both the characters have their own passages with very different perspectives. The second I began to read the first page it clicked, and I could instantly relate to the young teens. As I turned each page of this book, I began to realize that the characters in the book could easily fit in at my own school. I could just feel Juli's jealousy, embarrassment, free spirit, and love for other characters.
From frusteration of family and confusion of crushes, this book is a relatable read for any girl from ages around 10 to 14. Although the tittle is simple, you can never judge a book by it's cover!

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emanmkhan said...
Jul. 3, 2011 at 1:02 pm
This book review should definetely be in the magazine. I love how you intrigued me from the very start of this review, and all I did was nod my head several times and say, "This girl knew what she was reading!"
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