A Northern Light

December 5, 2008
Aren't you tired of the same dull story over and over? How many times has your book been about a character's extravagant problem that is fixed in the end? If you're looking for a story that's realistic and interesting then have I got the book for you!
A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly is a partly true story about sixteen year-old girl, Mattie Gokey, who wants to fulfill her dream of college. Mattie loves to write and hopes to become a writer, but that means college which isn't a possibility in her small town. There are some huge problems with turning her dream into a reality; first she doesn't have the money or a way to earn any, and second her friends and family depend on her. Weaver, Mattie's best friend, encourages Mattie to be persistent, and Mrs. Wilcox, Mattie's teacher, even talks to her father about college. Mattie's father isn't in agreement, for he says he needs Mattie's help and the money to pay for her college. Mattie will not let her father stop her and plans to raise her own money, but Royal and a promise to her dead mother hold her back.
This novel is the most realistic book I've read and the author does an amazing job with making the book sound like a real life situation. When Mattie decides to stay in her small town it shows the struggle she has to overcome; not only money, but also her friends and family that have to be taken care of if she ever decides to leave. The thoughts in her head are written like I would have imagined in a real-life situation making the story applicable in the reader's life.

The book A Northern Light proved my opinion,” To follow your dreams you have to be confident and hard working.” If you can keep up with the difficult time settings then I'm sure you'll enjoy this book. It is great for anyone who wants to know what it takes to follow your dreams.

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