Ender's Game

December 5, 2008
By Kyla R, Aeroville, CA

When I first started reading Ender’s Game, I thought it would be some creepy science fiction book with weirdo astronauts or something strange like that. But as I read into it more, I realized it was much better than that.

The main character is a boy named Andrew Wiggin, but he calls himself Ender. In the beginning of the story, he goes to Battle School, a school up in space where boys learn to fight the Buggers, a race of aliens who have come to try to destroy mankind and use earth as their colony.

While he is there, Ender goes on many various adventures: he plays in his first battle, beats the unbeatable fantasy game on the computers, becomes a commander and gets his own army, is undefeated even though he’s new, and actually kills a kid who wanted to kill him. Through all this, he is growing stronger and stronger.

Soon after the murder, he is whisked away to Command School. However, he is only 10. He is the youngest person ever to be in Command School; everyone else is at least 16. He meets a man named Mazer Rackham, the person who defeated the buggers in the First Invasion. He teaches Ender everything he knows about commanding and tactics to defeat enemies.

After a long period of time, Ender gets a spot as a supreme commander on a simulated program. He commands others who each command their own fleets. These games grow increasingly harder until he reaches a final stage where the fighter ships are terrible and they are outnumbered incredibly. But when he finally wins that last simulated game, the teachers reveal a terrible secret that they had to keep from Ender, or else he couldn’t succeed. Read the book to find out this secret is.

I really enjoyed this book. It opened my eyes to a whole new genre: Science Fiction. I used to think it was lame, but now I think it’s great. On a scale of 1-10, I would probably give it an 11. I am looking forward to reading the other related books!

The author's comments:
I was inspired by my Language Arts Teacher, Ms. T. Atack. I hope you, the reader, has decided to read this book. It changed how I thought of books completely. And to my bffs kat and rob, don't get run over by a camel.

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