Bronx Masquerade

December 5, 2008
By Alyssa O., Chapel Hill, NC

Do you like hearing people's experiences through poetry? In Bronx (New York City) eighteen students in Language Arts class come alive through poetry. Mr. Ward a dedicated L.A. Teacher starts to have the kids write poetry. These eighteen kids are all very different in there own ways. Tyrone Billings has an opinion on almost everything. When people read there poetry he comments based on his decision. He judges a person before he even knows them. Lupe Algarin is desperate to get pregnant so she will feel like she is being loved. Leslie Lucas feels like she is always standing out because of her color, and shattered by the loss of her mother.

These eighteen characters stick together on a heartfelt, bumpy journey through situations of racism, and stereotyping. I strongly recommended this book to anyone that wants to really connect with the author. When I read this book I can really picture all of Grimes unique descriptions. Boys and Girls of ages 10-15 will love this book just as much as me! I Give Bronx Masquerade a rousing round of applause!

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