Ender's Game

December 5, 2008
By Brendan Young, Chapel Hill, NC

How would you feel if you were launched into space at the age of six for hard military training? This is exactly what happens to Ender Wiggin when he is sent off to battle school in space. Ender’s Game is an amazing science fiction novel by Orson Scott Card. The earth has been assaulted twice by an alien race called the Buggers, formally known as the Formics. The military is training a new kind of commander that can lead a strike against the Buggers fleet. Ender must survive all sorts of battle games in low gravity and advance in ranks until he is the ultimate combatant and the most cunning tactician. However Ender must overcome the thoughts that he was becoming more like his murderous brother peter by killing so many people.
I especially liked how dynamic Ender and his friends are and how they act a lot older than they actually are. Ender’s Game is a page turner. Once you pick it up to start reading it you can’t put it down. The creative characters and ideas paint elaborate pictures in your mind that linger long after you have finished the book. If you like to read a good science fiction novel, you will love Ender’s Game. Anyone eleven and up should, in my opinion, love this book and all its characters.

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