December 4, 2008
By Sarah K., Sea Girt, NJ

I am a seventh grade girl living in a small town on the coast of New Jersey, this may seem like the complete opposite of what Bella Swan is in Twilight, a friendly high school girl living in a big city in the state of Arizona. Yet, I feel like in my high school years to come, I will be able to relate to her in many ways. Twilight is young adult fiction and written by the author Stephenie Meyer. She speaks to you like she is painting you a picture; she tells you exactly where you are and what the characters are doing at that moment. Stephanie Meyer is a brilliant writer and, although her books may seem dreadfully long and be an annoyance to read, her writing is smoothly paced, to keep your nose in the book all night long. She knows exactly how to speed the reader up at the intense moments and slow them down at the warm, touching moments in her books.

Twilight is a tender love story, filled with heartwarming feelings and thoughts. She befriends many children at school and talks to her new friends while living her life at home with her dad. This novel starts out like a regular transfer girl would start out at a new high school, until she notices the boy mysteriously examining her at lunch. She falls deeply in love, while Edward, the mysterious boy, warns Bella many times to stay away because he is very dangerous. This all takes place before Miss Swan can find out why he is so dangerous. She finds all of this out at a day on the beach with her high school buds. A boy named Jacob Black comes to her and explains who Edward Cullen is and what his family is up to. At first, she does not know whether to believe this stranger or not, but then she starts to make conversation with Edward and find out that it is, in fact, true! When she figures out that she fell for a vampire, there may be some blood-sucking adventure to come.

Twilight truly expresses the emotions and risks that are taken when you fall in love. Stephanie does all of this while bringing the fictional parts into play, which really is just the fact that Edward and his family are vampires. Bella and Edward fall deeper and deeper in love, while being chased down by “the tracker” and dealing with their regular high school lives. Although they try to hide the fact that they care very much for each other from the high school friends, it is obvious when they meet after all classes and sit together at lunch and Biology, although, she does a great job of hiding this from her father, Charlie, the chief police in Forks. Edward does not sleep nor eat human food; instead he hunts animals with his bear hands, so he can watch Bella around the clock. One weekend, he brings her to meet his parents at his home, along with his four other brothers and sisters. They go to play baseball the next day, Bella being a spectator, because of her clumsiness, this is when “the tracker” follows them and they have to escape from Forks.

Stephenie Meyer really expresses how much faster she wants you to read when the action begins and they escape from Forks. Also how she slows the story down with emotion when she talks to Edward.

You will obviously not fall in love with a spontaneous and protective vampire in the duration of you life, because vampires do not exist, but in Twilight you feel like they really could exist because of how realistic and human-like Edward Cullen comes to be. If there were one thing I could change about the way this book was read, it would be how she delays the big problem until the last five or six chapters of the book. But other than that one slight fix, Twilight was one of the best books that I have read in my twelve years of existence, and I feel that I do read a lot of books!

Some people may say that this book is “girly” and to “mushy-gushy” for a boy to read, I think that they are wrong, and that if a boy gets into Edwards mind on how he sees things, that they, too, can enjoy Twilight in the way that I did.

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