13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher

May 1, 2014
By Kelsie Miller BRONZE, Scottsdalw, Arizona
Kelsie Miller BRONZE, Scottsdalw, Arizona
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I read the book 13 Reasons Why write by Jay Asher. I chose this book because I heard the story was about a high school girl who committed suicide, but before she did so she taped herself stating the 13 reasons why she was doing it. These tapes were sent around to the people who are stated in the 13 reasons why, and the object was for them to all receive the tapes and hear the story and pass the tapes on. Although the topic is depressing and deep, it captured me and made me interested to want to know more. I am not an avid reader, so this book was just the right skill level for me. The clarity of the story was fairly good. I understand what was happening, and could imagine it. At times it was difficult to understand who was talking. Between the tapes of Hannah talking, and the narrator Clay, I would get confused and mixed up between who was saying what. I also believe this story has extreme realism. Although this is extreme measures that someone would do something like this, it is possible that it could happen. This story line and all the things that happen in it are very real. Although some of the reasons Hannah decided to take her life on probably weren't that intense, thats how things are for a freshman girl. Everything seems so intense and life ending at the time. I really enjoyed the book. It helps give you a perspective on life and how other people are affected by the choices we make. This story also helps you think before you act or speak. I believe this book should be read by high schoolers to help give them a more realistic view of what goes on in teenagers heads when they are suicidal. I am glad I chose this book and recommend it to adults and young adults.

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