The Fault in our Stars by John Green

May 1, 2014
By Sophie Vlachos BRONZE, Scottsdale, Arizona
Sophie Vlachos BRONZE, Scottsdale, Arizona
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The Tragic Love Story

The novel The Fault in our Stars, written by John Green, is a great inspirational and easy comprehensive story. This is a story of young teenagers being unfortunately diagnosed with different types and stages of cancer not knowing what day might be their last. The two main characters names are Hazel and Augustus who happen to fall in love with each other through their struggles when living with cancer. Although it may have very sad parts to it it also has cheer up moments that comfort the reader on and off.

The text in this book is a fairly good size to read and the vocabulary is quite feasible throughout the entire story. The story line of the book is consistently mind grabbing, intriguing from page to page, and never seemed to confuse me. The Fault in our Stars really puts life into a different perspective. Reading about how the characters are my age, but are living their everyday lives with cancer and its struggles really open my eyes. It makes me think twice about whether or not I am living my life to the fullest or taking advantage of it. It is possible for me to be diagnosed with cancer just like Hazel and Augustus. Cancer has already been in my family before taking my grandmother’s life and that had such an incredible impact on me and my family. I cannot even imagine what it would do to my family if another person in my family was diagnosed with cancer. When reading this book I was able to take my experience and in a way relate it to the book. Even if the reader does not have an experience of cancer it will still make them feel sad, sympathetic, happy, and maybe even mad. No matter what you will not regret reading this book. I very highly recommend this book to absolutely anyone even if you are not a big fan of reading.

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