The Yellow Birds by kevin Powers

May 1, 2014
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Yellow Birds

The book The Yellow Birds Written by Kevin Powers is a great story told about a private in the army, who encounters new experiences. In the story, Private John Bartle, the protagonist, enlists in the army and is sent to Tal Afar. During His enlistment he meets a fellow army ranger and quickly makes friends with him.
Little doesn’t John know he is in for a wild ride of emotions.
During their missions, John and his friend count the number of deaths they survived and try to come up with ideas to make the time pass faster. Eventually John’s friend ends up being killed in the war and Johns is faced with a hard decision. He returns home and is greeted as a hero, but is angered since he saw many die; he feels like he doesn’t deserve that title. John’s transition into normal life is very hard for him. He struggles to cope with seeing the deaths of his friends and how people go about normal life without knowing what is going on across seas.
The author clearly portrays vivid images to the reader of what new sensations occur throughout the book. Pain, confusion, and anger are emotions that are swirling around within the book. The element of death completely changes the way the reader comprehends the book with clear internal consistency, and the plot staying on path throughout the book. The book uses real life situations that occur every day and shows the reader a different side of life that they might not see unless enlisted in the army. Overall this is a great read that would be highly recommended.

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