December 1, 2008
“Oh, I don’t have time to read”, I exclaimed as I surpassed the newly published books that were in plentiful, perfect stacks resting in bookstores and as I eavesdropped into the gossiping conversations from the numerous people from every street corner. Never, in my unfortunate, busy lifestyle, did I believe I would pick up a novel based upon the love between a simple teenage girl and a dreamy vampire, or that’s just what I assumed and overheard from the countless, buzzing teenagers who daydreamed about it during every hour of the day. Wow! Was my mind and heart deceiving me as I began to read that first, fresh, off-white page! Twilight, known as the number one New York Times Bestseller by Stephanie Meyer, has captured millions of hearts from teenage girls to sixty year-old women. Surprising as it may sound, even boys are caught in the enchanted, overwhelming act of reading this charming novel.
Edward Cullen and his family are vampires, adopted and well trained by their adoptive father, Carlisle. Edward, the one who falls for Bella, is what seems to many women, the perfect and most attractive guy to be told about. He’s incredibly strong, rational and intellectual, and he can even read minds. Meyer’s intriguing detail about the resisting vampire makes him the epitome of perfection. As Meyer writes in Isabella’s perspective, the reader is awed by the eccentric qualities that Edward has, including gorgeous facial features, charisma, and an unending love for Isabella Swan. He can read everyone’s mind, of course, except Bella’s, which leads to his fascinating and intense, passionate love for her. Edward finds Bella miraculously interesting and longs for her love, while he wants her for his quenching thirst, which he smells crucially all throughout the school.
Strange and unusual as it may sound, the novel is extremely addictive and intense, allowing readers to enjoy Edward’s painful attempts to control his longing appetite for Bella while he forbids staying away from her. He watches her every move and continues to stay fascinated by this fragile girl, waiting the right moment that he knows he will be able to control himself.
At this point, the reader becomes glued, never wanting to put the book down and wondering what in the world will eventually happen next. Edward continues his vivid, passionate love for Isabella, but their world is turned upside-down when an unwelcoming trio of vampires greets them, the main hunter awaiting for the fresh blood of Isabella. The reader sees how drawn Edward is to Isabella and how is unconditional love will never stop fighting for her life.

As the suspense moves forward, readers are mesmerized to observe what Edward will do now to protect Isabella from anything wrong. At the end of it all, he is always by her side, promising to always stay by her side and never let her go.

After I finished that ruffled last page, I thought how could any one blame these women for loving the main character of Edward Cullen? He’s perfect at everything he does, including providing his desired and affectionate love to Isabella. How could a book I imagined to be so lifeless become so real to my senses, my imaginations, my heart? No, I don’t have time to read, but I definitely made time for this sensational and overwhelming novel and to never let it out of my grasp.

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