December 1, 2008
“Oh, I don’t have time to read”, I exclaimed as I surpassed the newly published books that were in plentiful, perfect stacks resting in bookstores and as I eavesdropped into the gossiping conversations from the numerous people from every street corner. Never, in my unfortunate, busy lifestyle, did I believe I would pick up a novel based upon the love between a simple teenage girl and a dreamy vampire, or that’s just what I assumed and overheard from the countless, buzzing teenagers who daydreamed about it during every hour of the day. Wow! Was my mind and heart deceiving me as I began to read that first, fresh, off-white page! Twilight, known as the number one New York Times Bestseller by Stephanie Meyer, has captured millions of hearts from teenage girls to sixty year-old women. Surprising as it may sound, even boys are caught in the enchanted, overwhelming act of reading this charming novel.
This sensational novel begins when Isabella, or as she prefers to be called, Bella, transfers her life to the rainy, cold atmosphere of Forks. The announcement of her arrival travels through the entire quiet, small town, including her small-populated high school of only three hundred students. She makes several, kind companions and was invited to enjoy the school lunch sitting with the new friends she previously made that day. As she turns to look at the opposite end of the lunchroom, she noticed five curious people. This is when the passion that burned in every reader’s heart began. Her attention immediately focuses on the younger boy with reddish brown hair, named Edward. Ironically enough, Bella identifies the mysterious Edward sitting alone at a lab table in Biology. She settles in her seat and becomes fascinated and startled by the way this strange boy acted. Bella notices that Edward is completely stiff and his fists are clenched the entire time during class. “What in the world could I have possibly done to make him dislike me so much even though I don’t even know him?” Ella frequently contemplated while discovering Edward’s actions during class.
For the rest of the week, Edward is nowhere to be found, constantly antagonizing the frustrated thoughts of Bella. Every calm and unoccupied second, Bella couldn’t stop thinking about this amazing creature. Bella is surprised to see her unwelcoming visitor the next Monday. Surprisingly, Edward greets Bella with a quiet, musical voice and says a simple “Hello”. He continued by saying that he didn’t get a chance to introduce himself the previous week. Bella is eager to talk to this pale, attractive boy although she was perplexed by his politeness. The next day, as Ella gets out of her old, Chevy truck, she notices a dark blue fan skidding and spinning wildly across the parking lot. In a sudden flash, Edward pins Bella to the ground as she identified the massive dent on the dark blue van where Edward’s hand struck. Bella became completely confused by how fast Edward transferred himself over to the scene to save her. Bella continues to frequently remind herself of the presence of Edward Cullen, scrutinizing his every charming detail and his intense actions that were recognized from the car accident.
After all of the commotion from the accident, Edward increases his interesting thoughts towards Bella and takes intriguing interests into Bella. He can’t seem to control taking in a conversation with Bella, but continues to tell her “You should really stay away from me.” Their interactions stay normal and continue to learn more about one another. The following weekend, Bella and her fellow companions go to La Push, or First Beach, and while spending her time in this location, she meets Jacob Black, the son of her dad’s best friend. Bella deceives Jacob to find out more about Edward Cullen and his family, and shortly believes a theory that Edward is a vampire.

The coming-up Monday, Bella, Jessica, and Angela take an excursion to Port Angeles to look for dresses for the spring dance. During the trip, Bella decides to take a walk around to locate a bookstore. Unfortunately, she has a difficult time finding a bookstore location and has misleading directions. A group of unruly guys yell, “There you are!” and Bella becomes terrified, thinking about how she left her pepper spray packed with her belongings. Suddenly, Edward’s silver Volvo drives up while he shouts, “Get in.” After this moment in time, Bella expresses her hypothetical theory about vampires to Edward. Everything is released from that crucial moment. Edward reveals his true identity as a vampire and many other essential facts to the rest of the novel. At this point, Bella was positive about three things. First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was a part of him that quenched for her blood, and third, that she was “unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.”
After that night filled with both fantasy and mystery, Edward picks Bella up every morning, learning more about her as she learns more about him, and longing for her company. As well as Bella being fascinated by Edward, he feels the same peculiar way, from the simple fact that he couldn’t read her mind. Every moment after that one night, the two are seemingly inseparable. Bella meets Edward’s family, as well as her announcing to “Charlie” that she now presumably dates Edward Cullen.
Bella decides to go with Edward and his family to play, or rather watch, a game of baseball. Although their plans seem to go along peacefully, this one night changes every aspect. The family welcomes Bella, but when an unusual group of tracker vampires fixates on her, they desperately try to pursue everything in their power and will to save her. The family provides strong and supplemental ideas to save the delicate life of Bella. Edward generates an idea to bring Bella to her original home of Arizona, to ware off the tracings that James, the evil vampire, has to find his prey. After Bella pretends to claim that she hates the entire town of Forks, she is able to flee to Arizona like Edward had planned. Bella, along with Edward’s brother and sister, Alice and Jasper, stay in a hotel while the rest of his family tries to sidetrack the predator. Bella remembers that her mother must not return home, so she assures to get in contact with her, but is menacingly outsmarted by the predator. She abides by his commands and meets him at the effortless dance studio, where she once took ballet. Bella evasively acknowledged that she made a horrific decision. Panic takes over her as her releases his evil destruction, breaking one of her legs, and even some of her ribs. Unconscious, Bella drifts away through all of the treacherous pain.

After Bella awakes from the past, drifting stage, she is greeted by the love of her life, Edward. The doctors urge Edward to suck the venom from the guttered blood of Bella. Bella pleas for Edward to never leave her, and to stay by her side at every moment. “I love you”, he whispered.
After reading this novel combined with romance, suspense, action, and mystery, I never wanted the book to end. The entire time I felt as if I was a person off to the sidelines, detailing every move. The way that Edward Cullen made Bella Swan feel and how he was perfect in every way, made me want take the character of Bella. I longed for more and I wished that the book were real. If only….. If only……I would’ve done anything to have been that fragile girl.

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