December 1, 2008
Twilight is a one of a kind love story that has touched the hearts of many girls around the world, including mine. It all started with a dream that the author Stephanie Meyer had. She decided to write down her dream but she couldn't stop, she felt like there was more to the dream, more that was on her mind, in her imagination. This single dream was the beginning of a novel, and another novel and another and another. It turned into a whole series. After the books got a phenomenal response they decided to make the book reality and turn it into a movie. The movie got an outrageous number of viewers, and some people, people who might not have read the book or seen the movie, may be wondering what exactly it is that lures these young girls into the book, and makes them so in love with this series. Well I may just have an answer.

I'm sure most teenage girls would happily settle for just another movie where there's a boy and a girl, and they fall in love, but this one is unlike any other love story of our time. Instead of a boy and a girl, there's a vampire and a mortal. Seventeen year old, Bella Swan moves from her sunny home in Phoenix, AZ to cold, rainy Forks, WA. Unlike most teenage girls, a new school is the least of her troubles. Biology though, is a bit harder then what she had imagined. The work came easy, but there was a boy, Edward Cullen, who seemed to be infuriated every time him and Bella were in the same room together. Bella was first embarrassed and confused, thinking she smelt bad or had bad breath but what she later finds out wouldn't have ever in a million years been a guess. As unreasonable and horrible as Edward was acting towards Bella, she seemed to be interested, suspicious. Edward was a mystery that crept into Bella's thoughts at school and lingered in her dreams at night. Soon enough, the truth behind Edward's odd actions came out. His impossibly cold skin, strength, speed, beauty, and intelligence, it all fit together like a puzzle. He was a vampire. Edward expected Bella to run away, to never look at him again, to be scared of him. But Bella was the opposite; she was only scared of losing him. After that, Edward and Bella became inseparable. They were truly in love.

The book will have you swept up in it immediately. It's suspenseful, intriguing, romantic, dramatic, and action packed. Young adult girls and boys will both find this book pleasurable and will most likely want to read the rest of the series as well. All teenage girl's want is a fairy tale to become their reality, for a boy to treat them like a princess, to love them as much as Edward loves Bella. Though, this is just a book and a movie, it gives girl's everywhere hope, hope that they have a soul mate somewhere waiting for them, hope that true love does exist. After the movie came out, everyone became in love with the series. Most of them are girls who became in love with Edward Cullen after the first scene that he's in because he really is the perfect guy, minus the vampire part. Respectful, intelligent, unselfish, beautiful, guys like Edward are extremely difficult to find in the real world, so us girls like stick to our fantasies, because most of us can't handle that part of rea

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twilight lover said...
Dec. 8, 2008 at 12:46 am
OMG JULIA!!!! I'm DYING to read that book!! You are such a good writer!!
twilight lover said...
Dec. 8, 2008 at 12:43 am
OMG JULIA!!!! I'm DYING to read that book!! You are such a good writer!!
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