Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix

December 1, 2008
By Anonymous

I think Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix is a very interesting book. I read the book over the summer and I saw the movie a couple months ago with my cousin. I think Order of the Phoenix is a good book because its enjoyable and fun but a little scary.

In the beginning of the book Harry has a dream about him and his cousin being chased by demons in a dark alley being expelled from Hogwarts but he doesn't get expelled from Hogwarts during the school year. They couldn't use magic to defend themselves and Harry teaches them how to defend themselves with out magic. During the year, Harry has dreams about Lord Voldamort and tries to kill him at the end Lord Voldamort disappeared and went in to Harry's body. When Dumbledore tried to talk to Harry and he said, “You lost old man.” At the end Harry friends told him to write to them.

Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix was a good and interesting book people who like fiction books and adventure books

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