Death's Shadow by Darren Shan

November 25, 2008
Darren Shan's Death's Shadow was released in the U.S. in October of 2008. It is the seventh book in his Demonata Series. I thought that the first book in the series, Lord Loss, was much better because it was original. Now that he has written so many books, Death's Shadow seems redundant. I have read almost everything that Darren Shan has written, and I believe that this is not one of his better works. If you like graphic, violent books with multiple plot twists, then I believe you would like this book, but I would recommend that you read the first six books of the series before this one because it would be very difficult to understand unless you have the background knowledge. I would give this book a three out of five because although it was a good read, I thought that it could have been written better.

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