Please Stop Laughing at Me

November 25, 2008
I liked this book because it’s a true story, also the book tells a story about what most teens go through everyday. This book also brings you through so many ups and downs like when she became friends with people and then starts to break away from them by telling on them. Also, just for telling on them, people spat on her in the halls and beat her up after school. Jodee Blanco gives good details and it is sad but a great book.
The book Please Stop Laughing at Me…is about a girl seeking popularity and friendship. Unfortunately, she was a loser in the teenage world. She was considered a loser because she would do the right thing and tell an adult when something goes wrong and not go along with the “cool” crowd and do the wrong thing.
I recommend this book to ALL teenagers, and I mean all teenagers. Because this book would change your perspective, on certain people who don’t have many friends. Also, if you don’t have many friends when you’re a teenager, it doesn’t mean you wont have any friends for the rest of your life.

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