Minus 148 Degrees

November 25, 2008
Minus 148º is packed with adventure and is the best book that I have ever read. The book got me hooked by the first paragraph and I knew I would like it. I have never yet read a book that matched this great piece of literature.

The book is about the first winter ascent of America's biggest mountain, Mt McKinley. Seven men try to conquer the beauty and yet the danger of the mountain. They take months of planning and preparation to get ready for the climb. The writer of the book and also one of the climbers, Art Davidson recalls memorable moments of the ascent. The book also contains journal entries of the other six men and their prospective of the climb and the leader. Many of them know the dangers of a summer climb, but a winter climb is unknown and they don't know of they will make it or not.
If you are into books with survival and nonfiction then I recommend this book. It will keep you attached and keep you wondering if they will make it or not or if one will die. So if you are into that, read this book.

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