Blade of Fire by Stuart Hill

November 25, 2008
By Trevour Chavez, Bethel, AK

After reading the second book in the Icemark Chronicles, I think that this is the best of the trilogy. It is an action/war book that is exciting all the way through.

In this action-packed, warfare novel, a 14 year old Charlemagne has a weak leg and is now sent away to the Desert Kingdom when a massive army, Known as the Empire, invades his home country the Icemark. When he reaches the Desert Kingdom he exercises his leg and builds up on muscle. He then asks if the Desert Kingdom will send an army with him back to the Icemark to help fight the empire.

I think that this book is for everyone that likes stories about fighting, killing, warfare, and every once and a while, some romance. Be prepared for one of the best book you will read.

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