Tomorrow When The War Began

November 25, 2008
By Carden Soots, Bethel, AK

Tomorrow When The War Began is a great book! I say it is great because it’s about teenagers in Australia who go camping in Hell instead of going to the Show Ground on a Holiday and when they return they find out that their country has been invaded over night. The author also is very descriptive in this book and detailed so you could see the images in your head. As you read along the way. It will keep you wandering what will happen next or if Ellie and her friends will make it?

The book is written in Ellie point of view because she was chosen out of the group to record everything they have done as they go. The teenagers Ellie, Homer and the others then plan on trying to find where their friends, and family gone to, also to sabotage the people who have invaded them. On there way to figure out what happened to their family’s they go through some near death experiences, while sneaking back into their own homes and being caught themselves and they also fight if it’s okay to kill someone to survive, if your life is more valuable then theirs. Then later in the book, they find out it’s a full-blown war between their countries. There are more books after this one for it only starts off the series.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read fictional adventurous survival books.

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