At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks

November 19, 2008
By Anonymous

Set in Boone Creek, North Carolina, At First Sight tells the story of two adults struggling to overcome some of the tough outcomes that came along with a mistake they make at a birthday party! One adult, Jeremy lives in New York and works for a big time magazine company as a column writer and editor. Jeremy lives his life as a party animal, which goes to clubs and spend almost every weekend of his life having fun and not having a worry in the world. The other adult Lexie lives in North Carolina and works for a small town library as pretty much the head manager. She lives her life reading or painting portraits of different things she sees throughout the day. As you can tell, Jeremy and Lexie are two totally different people that have absolutely nothing in common. But one night they both happen to be invited to the same birthday party, where something very drastic happens. They get a little crazy and make a very stupid mistake that will most definitely change their lives forever.

In At First Sight, Nicholas Sparks uses the theme of starting over to show the reader how starting a brand new life can be very difficult and hard to cope with. Both Jeremy and Lexie struggle with their situation but still don't ever give up. Jeremy said, “I don't know how well this husband thing is going to work, but I am sure going to try!” This tells the reader that Jeremy is not going to walk away from his problems and is not going to give up hope on coping with his new life. Nicholas Sparks shows the theme of the story through vivid descriptions, character dialogue, and character thoughts. What the author does well in his book is tie the story in with reality so that the readers can relate to the events that take place in this novel. He makes the story seem like it is actually somebody's life story or as if it is an autobiography, except he writes this story in third person. Overall, the author makes a good choice about the way he chooses to write the novel At First Sight.
At First Sight is like another young adult fiction book called The Wedding which is also written by Nicholas Sparks. These books are vey similar, because they both tell a story about situations that could easily happen in real, everyday life. Both situations in these books change the character's lives dramatically, and they must learn to cope with their new lifestyles. At First Sight and The Wedding are books that really draw in the reader to where they won't want to put he book down and will read several pages before they finally decide to put the book down. For a reader that enjoys novels that really grab your attention and tell of a story that really relates to real life, then At First Sight is the book for you!

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