Family Tragedy

November 18, 2008
No one is immune to family tragedy each family has issues and problems. It is only when these issues become severe that it reaches the level of tragedy. In the book, "I know why the caged bird sings" written by Maya Angelou the young girl in the story had to go through a tragic rape. Along with her terrible experience she had to live without her mother, "Her face was puffy and swollen red. Why don't you go back to your mother? If you've got one"(Angelou 208). In the book, "The Lost boy" written by David Pelzer the young boy in the book, David has to deal with an abusive mother and a father who doesn't care. His modivation to live helped him to overcome his hardship and stay alive to tell his story today. His mother hated him as explained in this quote, "Mother's breath reeks of booze. Her eyes are ice cold and full of pure hatred"(pelzer 10). Another book in, "Walking on Glass" written by Alma Fullreton. This book is about a girl who's suicidal mother is in a coma. This young girl has to choose whether or not to let her mother live or die. The choice is in her hands. In the book she says, "Istand over mom, shaking inside, and wonder why she did it"(Fullerton 45). The books that i chose related to my topic because like all of the books, the three children my aunt adopted have to deal with hardships everyday. Just like David, Maya and the little girl from the book, "Walking on Glass" the three children my aunt adopted live there life one day at a time, how else are they to cope?

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