the condemned By Rob hidden

November 17, 2008
By Antonio Gomez, Prosser, WA

The condemned by rob hidden is set modern day Australia in a remote island just 100 miles off Australia coast. Ten death sentenced convicts are about fight for their lives, literally. Jack Conrad the main character in this thrilling book. Jack along with a cast of nine other convicts are not only fighting their lives but their liberty as well. Jack Conrad was an ex united states special forces expert who sent to destroy an illegal drug plant in Ecuador. When blew up the building it killed every one in the building. 10miles out the military herd the explosion and went to investigate. They later found and took Conrad to the Supreme Court where he was sentenced to death.

Conrad had stepped out of the compound giving chase to the master mind of the whole deal, Ian Berckal. Conrad in desperation to the ticking time bomb off of his ankle. So he picked up two mp5s that a guard had left behind. 20minutes later jack sees Ian jumping into chopper at a clearing . Julie berckals ex wife gives Conrad the key to un lock his ankle bracelet .guns blazing Conrad tries to bring the chopper down until he runs out of ammunition. He then activates the bomb again but this time removing the safety tab which begins to tick down from ten until Conrad has five seconds left on timer the timer. Not thinking twice he lets the bombs fly and destroy the chopper. Back at the U.S military base he tells the medic attending him “you know what doc I swear that no matter what happens to me I will spend the rest of my life loving and cherishing the time I get with my wife and kids”.

This book is pretty similar to the young bond series because both characters have to fight for their freedom. This book is so good on many levels because Rob hidden dose a very good job of making you feel as if your part of the story. The condemned is probably intended for people ages 14 and above the harsh language and intense violence. All in all I say this is a very good book because of the description that the author gives. I recommend this book to all of the readers who just like to sit and read or for those who like action packed books.

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