Girls in Pants by Ann Brashares

November 17, 2008
Girls in pants take place in lots of different parts in the U.S. The characters are Lena, Bee, Carmen, and Tibby. They all just graduated from high school, and its there last summer together before they all go there own ways. So there plan is at the end of the summer they will all spend one week together before they all go there separate ways.
During the summer they all do their different things. Lena works at a restaurant and takes an art class secretly, because her dad forbids it. Carmen gets a job taking care of Lena's grandma and meets a boy and becomes close with him. Bee spends her time coaching at a soccer camp in California, and while working there she runs into the boy that broke her heart. And Tibby just spends the summer relaxing waiting to go to college.
The author did a good job writing this book by; at times I could feel like I was there with the characters. “Somebody already broke my heart” Is one of the quotes from Girls in Pants which made it clear to me the theme was excitement heart brake and happiness. This is a book you definitely won't want to put down until the last page, the author really made it to bring you into it. Especially the ending it really draws you in and you can't put the book down until you see what happens to the girls. I would compare this book to the book Hoops. By the authors writing style it's very similar to Girls in Pants they both don't say who the narrator is and has three or more characters who are all doing different things, and both of those books really drew me into them. For those who really enjoy getting really involved into books about real life sequences and cant put them down, I definitely request this book to those type of people.

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