The Breakable Vow by Kathryn Ann Clark

November 17, 2008
By Azalia Nunez, Prosser, WA

The Breakable Vow introduces Annie the main character by telling us that she has lived in Chicago most of her life. Soon she finds that she will have to call Texas her home.
Annie is an eighteen year old senior that is preparing for collage; soon she finds herself pregnant, moving, attending counseling, working, and caring for her new baby.
Kevin her new husband is also eighteen and preparing for collage. When he finds out that he is going to be a father he realizes that life must go on as planned with a slight adjustment finding a collage that houses families. Annie stumble across a number and called for information on counseling and ends up becoming friends with a woman named Caroline that works for a domestic violence clinic. After talking to Annie, Caroline realizes that Annie is in a domestic violence relationship and is going to help Annie. Annie trusts Caroline because she always knows how it feels in that situation. Annie also comes to trust an officer: Officer Grady, who also helps Annie get over her fear of her husband.

In The Breakable Vow, Annie must get over her fear of her husband. When Officer Grady tells her husband might get out of prison before his trail, she says, “He'll kill me” if he finds out she turned him. Kathryn Ann Clark uses the theme of fear by showing us that Annie is afraid of her husband Kevin. Annie introduces the theme in her choice of words and actions. The way Annie thinks is irritating for someone who is not in a domestic violence relationship. She must undergo a new fight for her life. I would recommend this book to anyone who is in a relationship. This book is not like anything I've read but I do know of other good books of other genres that would kind of go with one of the themes in this novel is like for girls, this book would influence a girls opinion in her relationship. The book “Plum Lovin” its not realistic but it is a fun exciting story that will keep you at the edge of your seat just like “The Breakable Vow.” If you like stories that you can't see what is coming up next then you will love to read these books over and over.


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