November 17, 2008
Set in present time in Forks, Washington, Twilight tells a story of a relationship between two teenagers. They are Isabelle Swan and Edward Cullen. Isabella is 17 and has just moved to Forks with her father Charlie. She feels very lonely and doesn't no anybody in the little town. Until she meets Edward which is also 17, there is a connection between the two but Isabella has to face the fact that Edward is a not a normal human and that even though he loves her he can't handle his desires for her blood.

In Twilight Edward's and Bella's love gets stronger each day. But when an uninvited visitor comes to town named James and also wants Isabella. But the James not only wants Bella but also wants her blood. All of a sudden Bella's life is in mortal danger she fears that James will take her away from Edward. This is where author Stephenie Meyer shows the theme of love and trust to, show that Bella's and Edward's love and trust can handle anything that comes their way. “About three things I was absolutely positive about……. And third I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him” Bella said. Stephanie Meyer used emotion and suspense to keep the reader on the edge for more. Stephanie Meyer keeps the reader wrapped in to the story and leaves you thinking about what will happen next.

The book Twilight is similar to the book called “A walk to remember” by Nichols Sparks because both books face forbidden love and have the same suspense. Twilight is a very good book you can actually feel what the character is feeling. The author grabs your attention in each of her chapters by leaving you hanging. Twilight is an excellent book for readers that like to read love stories but for readers that are 15 and up.

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