Once bitten twice shy by Jennifer Rardin

November 17, 2008
By Aurora Haynes, Prosser, WA

Once Bitten Twice Shy, takes place in modern day Miami Florida. Jaz Parks- a normal human female with a horrible past- and Vayl- her vampire boss born in Romania in 1744- are on a mission to assassinate a plastic surgeon. This plastic surgeon is trying to create a disease to wipe out the whole world. He thinks that the people that are alive after everyone is wiped out will worship him.

“David’ I jumped in front of him holding up my hands flailing to stop his slow advance ‘The door! The pink door! Its booby trapped!” This is one way the author Jennifer Radin shows fear as Jaz tries to save her brothers life. There are lots of secrets between Jaz and Vayl in this book. Vayl doesn’t talk much about his past so Jaz is left in the dark. The author Jennifer Radin did a wonderful job keeping the reader hooked. She used flashbacks to slowly show the reader Jaz’s dark past. She also did a good job never giving the end away and keeping the reader guessing till the end.

Once Bitten Twice Shy was a little like Twilight in the way that Edward keeps secrets from Bella in Twilight and in Once Bitten Twice Shy Vayl keeps secrets about his past from Jaz. Once bitten twice shy was a very good book. It has a very grabbing plot. The author did a wonderful job keeping the reader interested. The only problem is that the plot is sometimes hard to follow and you cant really skim in any places or you might miss something very important to the story. Once Bitten Twice Shy has a lot of violence and foul language. It’s a very good story for someone over the age of thirteen who wants a good action packed fantasy story that keeps you guessing all the way through.

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