O’hurley’s return: Skin deep By: Nora Roberts

November 17, 2008
By Anonymous

Set in modern day Hollywood California O’hurley’s return: Skin Deep tells, about a lady who has a problem and how she falls for the guy helping her. Chantel O’hurley is a beautiful young actress with a problem being to fall for Quinn. Quinn Dorean is a regret man who is haired to help solve her problem. But also to protect her. And while he is trying to do his job both Chantel and he get feelings for each other. The emotions they have though are like being on a rollercoaster.
Nora Roberts uses the themes love, fear and uncertainty to describe how one and only one can take over and prove over the others. And each time the characters emotions/feelings change the deeper they get but the harder it is to recognize, what they are. And Quinn tells Chantel: “Listen I have to tell you this. When I got there last night… I knew you where inside because my heart stopped…”

This book Skin Deep is really similar to another book called Avalon High by Meg Cabot. They both have a similar plot. Where the two main characters create feelings for each other and one of them is trying to protect the other from harm in both books. But Skin Deep is an excellent book and is defiantly one of Nora Roberts’s best. It’s funny and full of emotions. You can almost feel the characters feelings and see what they are doing in almost every page of the book. Skin Deep is for people who like reading the first sentence and being sucked into the book. But it is probably for teens who are mature and 14 or older. Preferably older depending on how mature they are. For there are some parts that are inappropriate for any kids younger who may want to read it.

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