another kind of cowboy By: Susana Juby

November 17, 2008
By zuleima santillan, Prosser, WA

Set in present day Vancouver, Canada, Another kind of Cowboy tells the story of two teenagers a boy, Alex Ford, seventeen, he takes dressage lessons which is like an oasis to him. He can slip his riding boots on and shed the macho cowboy image, feel like himself. As for Cleo O’Shea, nineteen, dressage is a fresh new start. Alex Ford kisses Cleo’s want to be boyfriend and realizes he is gay. He doesn’t know how to tell Cleo his secret or anything else. Cleo has absentee parents who have no time for her and send her to a new expensive boarding school.

In Another kind of Cowboy, Alex Ford is a young teenager with a secret he is not ready to share. The author Susana Juby uses the theme of guilt, to show people how that secret can make you face a lot of obstacles. Cleo responds, “Don’t criticize me for having a love life, just because you’re so far in the closet you can’t even find the door.” Alex winced and I felt a prickle of guilt. Susana Juby is very descriptive in her writing which makes the reader feel as if they are experiencing the story.

The style of Another Kind of Cowboy is similar to a book of Sharon M. Draper called November Blues. Both books have to do with the main characters having a secret they are not ready to share with friends or family. There is a lot of excitement from Alex Ford towards his dressage lessons and horses. He experiences many difficulties towards his secret which is sad. Another Kind of Cowboy is a good book for readers who like to read books that have to do with modern day life problems. Young teenagers going through or facing these types of problems will enjoy this book.

Reviewers Name: Zuleima Santillan
Word count: 317 words

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