Busted By: Phil Bildner

November 17, 2008
By Seth Glossen, Prosser, WA

Busted is set in present time at Cold Water Creek High School. There are four different stories and this book has a lot of different problems going on in this high school. In all four stories, there are kids that think what they are doing will never get them caught. One of the stories there was a ski trip for only kids. The second story is how some kids are getting really board with there teacher and they try to get them selves kicked out. The third story is about a bully that never gets into trouble because every body including the teachers is scared of the bully. The fourth story is about kids that do drugs in the bathroom before school and there teacher gets busted for having drugs in his car. However no one is safe from getting busted, even if you are the best athlete or an honor student.

In Busted, the theme is regret is shown because in each story every kid is regretting what he or she did, here is an example from the book where a kid is getting caught. “I mean do you have too call him?” Casey exhaled a deep breath.
“Cant we just pretend that you never saw me and…..” this sentence describes this book because it shows a kid being caught for something he is doing wrong. Phil Bilder did really well on the emotions of every kid that caught. He gave the reader a visual of then all the student's emotions though the whole book.

Busted was a really interesting book. This book had four different stories that were told in one book. It talked about a lot of drugs that kids are doing now days. This book would be compared to the magazine Readers Digest because of all the multiple stories in Busted. This type of book would be good for readers who like suspense books, but not for kids under thirteen and younger because it has a lot of references to drugs.

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