Breaking Dawn

November 17, 2008
By Angela Shepherd, Prosser, WA

Set in present day Forks, Washington Breaking Dawn tells the story of what happens when a human and a vampire have a baby. The mother is Bella Swan Cullen .She is a new born vampire who is frozen at the age of 18 .The father and Bella's husband is Edward Cullen. He is an older vampire frozen at the age of 17. Bella's and Edwards best friend is Jacob Black he is a wear wolf frozen at the age of 16.He imprinted on Bella's and Edwards baby ( imprinting means she is Jacob's granted wife when she becomes of age).In this book the baby is the main problem. Due to the birth of this baby the head vampires from Italy had to travel to forks to evaluate the situation.
Love is the main thing this book is about. In Breaking Dawn the author does not out right say love is the them but love is the glue that holds Edward and Bella together. Carlisle Cullen (Bella's father in-law) said” Maybe control is your power Bella. The ability to withdraw from your needs is extremely powerful”. In Breaking Dawn the author used descriptions to make you feel like you are there. You can feel the emotions Edward and Bella feel for each other. You can even smell what they smell. You can even feel the breezy and the sea air of Forks and La Push (wear Jacob lives).Stephanie Myer kept the charters the same in all four of her books in the Twilight series. This book has
you hooked at the very start. You want to know what happens to Bella and her family, if the head vampires kill any of Bella's family. Breaking Dawn has on your toes action. It is an action packed thrill ride. this book and twilight are the very best in the series of four. This would be the best for teens to adult readers who enjoy vampire classics.


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