The Last Domino

November 17, 2008
By David Macias, Prosser, WA

Set in beginning of the school year, and at home, The Last Domino tells the story of Travis who is a 14 years old single kid in house brother killed himself. Travis has a job at a coffee shop. Travis broke PJ's car window in the summer. P.j does not like Travis because PJ and Travis brother did not get along. Travis wants to find out why his brother killed himself.

The theme of The Last Domino is guilt. Because Travis blamed himself for his brothers death Travis thinks his brother killed him self because of him. “There, right there,” I said pointing as the door closed on him. My mother stepped on the gas. Roaring too fast down main. “That wasn't your brother”. Her tone of voice warned me not to argue. Adam Meyer uses flash backs to reveal his brothers death. So they know that Travis brother died and that is why Travis is all pout down. Also because it explains to u how his brother killed himself.

The style of the book The Last Domino is like fighting and gangs. This book is similar to the book called That was Then This is Now. Compared these two books because they are both about gang and fights, and brother problems. The book was good like the way they describe how Travis and PJ fight and argue. Adam Meyer use lots of fighting noises and descriptive words. People that like reading gang related fighting books will enjoy this book. Because this book is packed with arguments and fights and some mystery. Recommend kids above 12 years old to read this book. There is lots of violence in the book that the little kids can't read or hear.

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on Jan. 8 2010 at 4:57 pm
this book seems very interesting. a boy who has problems, too many.. i like this book because it relates to every one who has problems..

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