Stealing Heaven

November 17, 2008
Set in modern time Stealing Heaven describes eighteen year old Danielle and her problems. Problems with fitting in and dealing with everyday life. Danielle and her mom just moved into a small beach community called Heaven. This is where she meets Allison; the closest thing to a friend she's ever had, and Greg; the first guy she's actually liked. All Danielle ever wanted was a normal life and a mom that didn't seal for a living.

In Stealing Heaven, Elizabeth Scott uses the theme want and change, showing Danielle's mixed feelings about her mother and what she really wants to do. “I look at him and I'm – you know what? I'm tired of worrying, tired of thinking how much trouble I'll be in.” This quote shows you how Danielle is changing feelings about what she wants to do with her life. Hanging out with Greg the young cute police guy might not be the greatest idea but, it makes her happy she's never really been happy. Danielle's mom calls everything, what her fake name will be, where they will live, what they will steal, and who she can talk to. Danielle gets tired of this and begins to break some of the rules.

Author Elizabeth Scott's writing in Stealing Heaven is similar to Julia Greene's book Hunter's Heart. Both books show the main characters change over the course of the book. In Hunter's Heart Simon falls for the neighbor girl Leah, this causes his mood and actions to change. This was similar to the way Danielle changed for Greg. Stealing Heaven is never boring and keeps you reading until the last page. The way Elizabeth Scott describes the characters and over all plot lets you have a picture in your head. Stealing Heaven would be would be a good book for teenage girls because, there is slight language and mature moments.

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