November 17, 2008
By Ana Piedra, Prosser, WA

Set in present day Forks Washington, Twilight tells about a couple. The way they fall in love, but unlike any other relationship they have to face the idea of what Edward is. Bella being seventeen and willing to risk her life in order to save her relationship with Edward. Plus Edward has to fight against desires, for Bella's blood. They also can't forget about Bella's dad, Chief Swan or Edwards's gorgeous family.
Twilight has the theme of love, and friendship. The author Stephanie Meyer explains the struggle of a young couple. Trying to make their love immortal, lasting forever. A moment apart from each other is worse then death it's self. The connection that started to grow between them at fist sight even without having to say a word .The way Edward saved Bella's life for the first time making both Bella and Edward question their true feelings for each other. The other theme is friendship. A friendship that grows with every passing minute. “I will stay with you forever.” Said Edward getting impatient with Bella. all that Bella wants is to become what Edward is. Edward doesn't want to cut Bella life just like that. Stephanie Meyer uses a lot of emotion and description of each character. She describes every little feature of Edwards's connections with Bella. As it grows and becomes something more then just a crush. It's not much of a book. It's more of a movie playing in your head.

The description that Stephenie Meyer uses in Twilight is similar to the way Laruen McDaniel uses descriptions in he book Garden of Angels. Showing the emotion and the them love. Both authors grab the readers attention with a mental movie playing thru your head as the book leads to it reveling ending. Stephanie Meyer shows you the reader each of the characters and the way the interact with each other. Twilight is recommended for people who love to read sad novels and love stories. Over all Twilight is a great book for any one.

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